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Visiting Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai as well as small villages, towns and hamlets in their surrounds, this trip will explore what life is really like in China. Whether you're visiting the Aberdeen Fishing Village, where residents live on fishing junks set against the backdrop of high rise buildings, strolling through Panjiayuan Antique market, or looking at the stunning skyline of the Victoria Harbour, you'll enjoy incredible food, company and sights.


  • Visit Huanghuacheng Great Wall (the only section of the wall submerged in water)
  • Enjoy traditional dinner of Peking duck
  • Tour the UNESCO declared Forbidden City
  • Try your hand at a cooking class
  • Evening Huangpu River Cruise watching the waterfront sparkle in the moonlight
  • Take a side car ride through the city of Shanghai
  • Take a walk along the Wisdom Path
  • Cable car ride from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping Plateau
  • Catamaran trip to Macau

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Brief Itinerary

  • Hong Kong City (4 nights)
  • Beijing (4 nights)
  • Shanghai (4 nights)

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