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Civilized Adventures team of Custom Travel Advisors would love to assist you in building your experiences of a lifetime – travel when you want and with whom you want! No big bus tours or feeling like a “sheep in a herd” – we want to shape special memories that will last a lifetime. Known for the ancient temple site of Angkor Wat, Cambodia is on the map as a must see travel destination. Well Angkor Wat is a site that you just cant quiet wrap your head around and seeing it is one of those “how did they do it” moments, Cambodia is so much more. With an intense and dark past Cambodia has some sites that could teach anybody humility. However the people here are still all smiles and are more than happy to accommodate.


Serenity Now

Most descriptions of traveling in Cambodia lead with words such as "charm," "allure," and "peace." Those are all true, unquestionably -- but some of that allure comes from a mix of cosmopolitan options, SE Asia history right in front of you, and some of the best food in the world. Angkor Wat is an amazing architectural and cultural achievement, and Bamboo Island has roughly 30 residents (serenity pervades).

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