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As Canadians we often prefer to experience new countries and cultures over our own backyard. But with so many wonderful things to explore from the Niagara Falls, to the stunning colourful homes stretched along New Foundland’s shores, to the ever bright/or dark Northern Territories and even some great towns and cities along the way with their own little gems, Canada is a beautiful place to call home and to travel. Let our Custom Travel Advisors “sell” you on our incredibly vast, culturally rich and scenically brilliant country.


Natural Wonders

Canada's great cities include Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto - places to explore fantastic restaurants, culture, and shopping. Beyond the cities, Canada's natural beauty is astounding, from snowy peaks and sandy beaches to rainforests and crystal-clear lakes. Skiers love Whistler, which forms North America’s largest ski area. In the east, Cape Breton embraces cliffs and river canyons, and the Bay of Fundy boasts the highest tides in the world.

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