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Experience the beauty of Sicily & Greece, with this wonderful itinerary combining top-notch accommodation, fantastic blend of food, mythic past and sun-drenched islands. Sicily the best of the Italian regions, Aeolians, formally known as the Italian Galapagos, Crete, the biggest of the Greek islands and Santorini, the busy, but most iconic of the Greek islands. Explore fascinating subcultures, ancient ruins, fisherman villages, breathtaking views and more.


  • Visit of the Archeological Park Valley of The Temples Agrigento
  • Explore Siracusa, one of the most romantic city in Italy
  • Admire spectacular views of the Aeolian Islands and Mount Etna, one of Europe’s most active volcanoes
  • Discover the culinary delights of Chania
  • Cruise along the beautiful coast of Crete
  • Visit the ancient Palace of Knossos
  • Travel to Santorini, Greek iconic destination known for its breathtaking caldera views

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Brief itinerary

  • Agrigento (2 nights)
  • Syracuse (2 nights)
  • Aeolian Islands (3 nights)
  • Taormina (2 nights)
  • Crete (5 nights)
  • Santorini (3 nights)

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For our Adventure Travel Specialist Andrew De Angelis, Sicily, Aeolians, Crete and Santorini are the best islands of the Mediterranean and where his heart lies. "The food, history, breathtaking views will give you the best Italy and Greece have to offer. The perfect combo of sailing, swimming, enjoying the good weather and the laidback mentality can only be found on these islands. You will never forget this romantic trip".

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