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Slovenia is not on everyone’s “bucket” list, and Slovenians like it that way: some gems are all the more beautiful for their rarity. But for those who decide to look, there are many facets to explore in this small country. Mountain views and alpine rivers of turquoise? Check. Toscana hillsides with ancient vineyards making sumptuous wines? Check. World-class cuisine made with local ingredients? Check! The cleanliness and order of Switzerland, the architecture of Austria, the coastal warmth of Croatia and Italy, the cuisine, wine, and cycling of France - Slovenia has all these, and more.

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Day 1 - Arrive

Upon arriving in Ljubljana, you will be met by a representative and transferred to the old part of the city. You will stay overnight in a comfortable hotel in Ljubljana. Enjoy dinner in one of the best restaurants here.

Overnight at Hotel Cubo (-/-/D)

Day 2 - Ljubljana

This amazing adventure will take you through the old Ljubljana town. During this 3-hour guided walk you will familiarize yourself with the city, stories of the people, architecture, and history of Slovene nation. Best of all you will also get to know – local gastronomy. This tour is much more than a food tour and definitely not your usual city tour. During the food tour 9 traditional dishes from a variety of different cuisines from all parts and circles of society of Slovenia and 4 kinds of wine will be tasted as you familiarize yourself with downtown Ljubljana and hear an overview of the history of Slovenes. At the end of the tour you’ll be full, your thirst quenched and you will know more about the history of Slovenes than the majority of citizens. You will also be in the know about the old town and know where to go next, what to do next and what to eat next. It’s a perfect way to start your stay in our beautiful and tasty capital city!

Overnight at Hotel Vila Bled [B/L/D]

Day 3 - Bled with Soca Valley

We start our journey to Bled with an Island visit – undoubtedly the most popular tourist site in Slovenia situated on Lake Bled, which boasts the only real island in the country. To get there, we will board a traditional wooden oared boat called Pletna, whose origins date back as far as the 12th century. A monumental 1655 stone staircase will take us to the Church of Mary’s Assumption situated at the island’s highest point.

We can make a wish to the sound of the wishing bell set up in 1534, and taste the fresh water from the well built in honor of a princess. We will proceed on a leisurely walk to the Bled Castle built high up on a magnificent cliff overlooking the lake. According to written sources, this is the oldest castle in Slovenia and was first mentioned in written records as early as 1011. The former residential quarters now host a restaurant and museum collection with objects from the Bronze Age to present day.

After lunch we continue heading towards the beautiful alpine world of the Slovene Northwest. After crossing Vršič, Slovenia’s highest mountain pass, a magnificent view of the Julian Alps will open up before us.

Overnight at Hotel Dobra Vila [B/L/D]

Day 4 - Kobarid and A Farewell to Arms

This is the world of the emerald green Soča River, where we will visit one of its springs. Our main destination for the day, considered by many the most beautiful river in Europe. We will then visit the Kobariski World War I museum to learn the history of the area by private tour.

After visiting the museum we’ll walk towards the secluded waterfall Kozjak. Spend the afternoon back at Dobra Vila relaxing or strolling the charming fields and forest surrounding the hotel. Tonight, be prepared for a feast of locally grown ingredients at Hiša Franco’s outstanding restaurant. Chef: Ana Roš (Most talented chef in the World in 2016 and best female chef in the World in 2017).

*Optional : Rafting

Overnight at Hotel Dobra Vila [B/L/D]

Day 5- Brda

After breakfast we will continue to the Kolovrat range where structures of the third Italian line of defense are densely tossed on both sides of the state border. A special approach to the restoration of these positions was the use of original building materials (wire nets for fortifying slopes, corrugated sheets, slates, etc.) from the time of the First World War. After knowledgeable introduction of WW1 we continue toward the Slovenian wine region, Brda.

We countinue to Goriška Brda, known as the Slovenian Tuscany where we’ll go from village to village experiencing the natural and cultural heritage that had a turbulent past, but has an interesting present. Brda is a land of castles, vineyards and small white churches, often situated on the top of the hills overlooking the villages. We’ll stop for a wine tasting at one of the hospitable local vineyards. We’ll visit one of the most known winemakers of Slovenia (Movia, Marjan Simčič or Štekar)

*Optional : E-Biking

Overnight at Hotel Gredič [B/L/D]

Day 6 - Škocjan caves and Piran

Morning departure towards Škocjan where we will descend into the fascinating network of tunnels that makes up the Škocjan Caves. The Reka River winds through the karst landscape, over centuries shaping the tunnels as well as one of the largest underground canyons in Europe. The Škocjan Caves are a remarkable natural phenomenon whose global significance was recognized by their inclusion in UNESCO’s list of world cultural and natural heritage sites.

After the caves we’ll departure towards the Slovenian coast where we’ll walk the old Mediterranean harbor town of Piran. The entire town is one big museum with well preserved medieval structures, fascinating architecture, and a rich cultural heritage. The narrow streets and closely built old houses add to the town’s special charm.

Situated at its very center, the famous Tartini Square is a tribute to the prominent Piran- violin player and composer Giuseppe Tartini (1692–1777).  The Square also boasts a monument in the musician’s honor. Another treat for the eyes is the “Venetian” – a luxurious building from the middle of the 15th century considered one of the most beautiful examples of Venetian gothic architecture in Slovenia. Strolling along the narrow streets typical of Istrian coastal towns, we will climb the hill overlooking Piran to reach the Church of St George.

Overnight at Hotel Piran [B/L/D]

Day 7 - Ljubljana

After brakfast we depart to Ljubljana where you will spend a free day, in the evening get ready for the feast and learn how to cook the Slovene way! A hands-on culinary experience where you can get as involved in the cooking as you like, no previous cooking experience is necessary to enjoy the delicacies. We will put together a tasting menu consisting of a selection of typical Slovenian cold starters and with that, you are ready to start cooking. Together we will prepare a lovely warm starter, a hearty main dish and to round your evening off in style we will prepare excellent Slovenian dessert. Each dish will be served fresh, immediately after preparation. You will also get a chance to taste different sorts of Slovenian wine, homemade traditional juices, and as a digestif, some typical Slovenian schnappses and liqueurs. We adjust our menus seasonally and always cook with fresh ingredients from local farms or market, right next door. A unique culinary experience for all food lovers.

Overnight at Hotel Cubo [B/D]

Day 8 - Goodbye Slovenia

After breakfast you will be transferred to the airport for your departure flights.


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