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Dates: Multiple departures available. Please call for updates and details.
Host: Expert on board crew
Cost: Voyages starting from US$1,440 per person, kids and teens sail free*.
Trip Type: Family Experiences, Small Ship Sailing

Pick your dream vacation now and select between 7 to 14-night sailings in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Thailand or Indonesia. With Starclippers Kids Sail Free offer children and teens between 3 and 17 years old sail for free with 1 or 2 adults in the same cabin.

Discover the beauty of Thailand. This exceptional area contains some breathtaking scenery that is second to none. Exquisite white sandy beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters, lapping gently on the shore. Islands with limestone cliffs and intriguing rock formations protruding from the ocean. Stunning rain and mangrove forest with an amazing variety of flora and fauna. And a fabulous underwater world brimming with a multitude of marine life. Enjoy this magnificent scenery in combination with a sailing experience while basking in Starclippers luxury class comfort.

Take an adventorous and exciting sailing around the Indonesian islands. With over 17,000 islands the Indonesian archipelago is the largest in the world. Combine pure sailing passion with Starclippers comfort in a country full of diverse landscapes and culture. Sailing around the islands of this intriguing country reveals white sandy beaches, volcanoes (both active and extinct), dense rainforests full of luscious vegetation and colourful wildlife and beautiful coral reefs  teeming with marine life. The remoteness of some islands means you’re unlikely to meet people from other cruise ships.

From dense rainforest to turquoise waters and rock caves, explore the colourfully vibrant Caribbean islands.

Sail by tall ships as you discover the Mediterranean. With 4000 years of cultural history, the sheer diversity of the region is incredible. Discover cultural heritage sites or medieval towns, visit hidden coves or small ports inaccessible to larger cruise ships, or relax on white sandy beaches.


Multiple sailings and locations available including:

On the Royal Clipper

  • Antigua to Barbados - 7 nights
  • Grenadine Islands - 7 nights
  • Windward Islands - 7 nights
  • Italy, Montenegro & Croatia - 11 nights
  • Rome to Trieste - 14 nights
  • Croatia & Montenegro - 7 nights

On the Star Clipper

  • Northern Phuket Island (Thailand) - 7 nights
  • Southern Phuket Island (Thailand) - 7 nights
  • Eastbound Bali (Indonesia) - 7 nights
  • Westbound Bali (Indonesia) - 7 nights
  • Bali to Singapore - 14 nights

On the Star Flyer

  • Treasure Islands - 7 nights
  • Leeward Islands - 7 nights
  • Greece, Montenegro & Croatia - 11 nights
  • Southern Cyclades - 7 nights


Please call for latest availability. These are small ships and space goes quickly!

Star Clipper & Flyer departures starting from just US$1,440, Royal Clipper departures starting from US$1,500. With Starclippers Kids Sail Free offer children and teens between 3 and 17 years old sail for free with 1 or 2 adults in the same cabin. Call us for pricing based on your specific departure and dates.