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Churchill Polar Bear Safari | Calgary Adventure Travel & Luxury Tours

Churchill Polar Bear Safari

Date: Fall Departures
Travel Style: Set Departure

Witness polar bears in their natural environment as they migrate toward the coast in anticipation of freeze-up and to access their favourite diet of ringed seals.

USA – More Inspiration | Calgary Adventure Travel & Luxury Tours

USA – More Inspiration

From the monuments of New York to the Winelands of Napa Valley and don’t forget catching a ball game at Fenway Park, the USA has a lot to offer to intrepid travellers. Talk to our advisors about designing your perfect trip.

Canada - More Inspiration | Calgary Adventure Travel & Luxury Tours

Canada – More Inspiration

With so many wonderful things to explore from the Niagara Falls, to the stunning colourful homes stretched along New Foundland’s shores, to the ever bright/or dark Northern Territories and even some great towns and cities along the way with their own little gems, Canada is a beautiful place to call home and to travel.