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Antarctica Cruising | Calgary Adventure Travel & Luxury Tours

Antarctica Cruising

Date: November – March Departures
Travel Style: Cruising

Antarctic expedition cruise options include voyages to the South Shetland Islands, the western and northern sections of the Antarctic Peninsula, the stunning and wild Weddell Sea region located on the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula, crossing the Antarctic Circle, and sailings to South Georgia.

Exclusive Arctic - Narwhals & Polar Bears | Calgary Adventure Travel & Luxury Tours

Exclusive Arctic – Narwhals & Polar Bears

Date: May – June Departures
Travel Style: Set Departure

Experience the classic spring floe edge where you may have the opportunity to view polar bears, narwhal and icebergs under the Midnight Sun. Travel to the northern reaches of Baffin Island where the sea ice meets the open water, and marine mammals and other wildlife congregate at the floe edge – also known as the “line of life”.

Ultimate Polar Bear Adventure | Calgary Adventure Travel & Luxury Tours

Ultimate Polar Bear Adventure

Date: October – November Departures
Travel Style: Set Departure

Prepare to be wowed! You will spend two days on the tundra. Each day you’ll explore the Churchill Wildlife Management Area and other viewing areas as opportunities arise, observing the Polar Bear up close and personal.