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Belize: Wildlife Adventure

Date: Choose your dates! (9 nights)
Host: Local guides

This Belize Wildlife tour offers couples and families a wonderful array of activities and experiences to see and interact with the wildlife and nature of Belize, both in rainforest and coastal areas.

Peru Ladies Trip

Date: Choose your dates! (6 nights)
Host: Locally Guided

Peru, as exotic as you expect, waits for you to unravel its mysteries. Accompanied by wandering female travellers like you, experience the colours and flavours of this out of the ordinary destiny.

Bike, Hike, Train & Safari Sri Lanka’s Natural Wonders

Date: Pick your dates! (8 nights)
Special Interest Travel (Biking)

Take a 9-day guided adventure in paradise. Not only does this trip to Sri Lanka include some of the most beautiful bike riding in South Asia, but it also includes great hikes through national parks, a jeep safari with the chance to see leopards, luxurious lodgings, mouthwatering food and a cultural experience like no other.

Mekong Bike & Boat Adventure

Date: Pick your dates! (8 nights)
Special Interest Travel (Biking)

Mekong River Cruise from the vibrant southern capital of Saigon, Vietnam, to the ancient kingdom of Angkor, Cambodia, the slow way, by bike and boat on a tour specially made to accommodate both cyclists and non-riding partners. Spend your mornings exploring your surroundings by bike or by foot, then in the afternoons, cruise the iconic Mekong River in comfort and style.