COVID 19 Information

Civilized Adventures regards the health and security of our travellers with the utmost importance. Borders around the world are cautiously opening and we would like to help keep you updated on the changing restrictions on international travel. A very good resource to use is the IATA Travel Centre which comes with a travel regulations map and The Canadian Travel & Tourism Roundtable which lists where Canadians can travel now. As always, any Canadian passengers should check with the Canadian Government website on specific country information before finalizing travel plans.

Did you know that our partners are offering reduced and flexible deposits keeping your safety, security and health in mind. Please know that both Air Canada and Westjet have come out with insurance that covers COVID 19 and Civilized Adventures also sells insurance to cover COVID 19 while travelling - call us for details. Also, there is now COVID 19 travel testing for prior to departure as well as COVID 19 arrival testing at Calgary airport to avoid the 14 day quarantine upon return.

Starting January 7, 2021, passengers five years of age or older will be required to test negative for COVID 19 before flying to Canada.

Civilized Adventure's office is open, with staff available for in-person or virtual appointments. Group video conferencing meetings are also available. It is refreshing to note that people continue to make travel plans for the next year. We would be delighted to help you with your next adventure.

Check-out this Traveler’s Tool Kit about Traveling Again from an American perspective (mostly applicable to us Canadians as well!)  Also, some great North American Adventure ideas are here to peruse.

Thank you our many clients and friends who have offered support and kind words of encouragement during the stressful months of this pandemic. We, and our partners around the world, are looking forward to hosting you again as soon as you are ready!