Kylan Falk, Custom Travel Advisor

When you begin travelling at five-years-old, the entire world becomes your backyard.
This is the case for our Kylan who visited South Africa, Thailand, Denmark, Kenya, Ecuador, Jordan, China, and Antarctic, all before he was an adult.

After graduating with a business degree in 2012, he joined the Civilized Adventures family business; Ky has certainly adopted his mom’s wanderlust. A keen photographer, Ky is often finding those special spots to capture the perfect angle of 100’s of thousands of penguins, or majestic elephants silhouetted by a spectacular African sunset.

Ky knows Africa: all the must do’s, when, where and how to maximize your safari experience. A favorite thrill: a helicopter safari, with the doors off, flying over the Okavango Delta. Picture the lush green grass, with channels of rivers sparkling in the sunlight, and 1000’s of animals running free.

Whatever your passion, he’s determined and connected to make it happen.


Seeing lowland gorillas– exhilarating can’t even describe the sensation when a silverback gorilla thumps his chest in front of you; your heart melts watching the playful baby gorillas staring back at you through a camera lens

Antarctic – understanding the differences will help you choose your ideal experience!.ie. size & stability of ships, route & duration, fly over the Drake or cruise, when is the best time to go. Ky can explain the pro’s and con’s of each ship, route and season, and how that potentially effects your adventure.

"Dear Kylan, Just over a year ago I made my way to the Calgary Adventure show to hear your talk…smart move on my part! I don’t have the words to adequately express my appreciation to you & CA for all the efforts made to ensure Africa would steal away a piece of my heart. You rock! Asante sana rafiki." Shannon, April 2019
"Kylan always had suggestions and answers to our questions within a very short period of time. His input was key to the pleasure and success of our trip."Dan M., Feb. 2019
Kylan and Civilized Adventures planned an absolutely perfect first trip to Africa Chuck: "Kylan was diligent and informative. Our safari travel package to Zambia and Zimbabwe was well-organized and absolutely enjoyable. Transfers were effortless, venues were amazing and the experiences unforgettable." Barb: "Kylan has a lot of knowledge about Africa. We asked for "unique properties and unique experiences" and Kylan delivered with the design of our trip." Chuck & Barb, Nov. 2018