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The contrast between ancient traditions and a 21st century democracy is most visible in Ulaanbaatar, where traditional gers and Buddhist monasteries sit side by side with modern high-rises. Take to the semi-arid desert of the Gobi where adaptive mammals and reptiles can only be found here. Explore the desert by foot and on camel back.


  • Experience the daily rituals of the monastery's lamas
  • Visit Chenrezi and Kalachakra Temples
  • 82-foot high statue of Migjid Janraisig
  • Mongolian dancers and khoomi throat singers
  • Flaming cliffs
  • trek up 108 steps to the Aryabal Monastery

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Brief Itinerary

  • Ulaanbaatar (2 nights)
  • Gobi Desert (3 nights)
  • Ulaanbaatar (2 nights)

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